Of course you can! You will participate in the «Try Scuba» course and we will teach you all you need to know for a safe and joyful first dive!!!
The ability of swimming is connected to the ability of staying on the surface. In Scuba diving there isn’t such a problem cause the nature of the activity is totally different. Divers perform the sport under the surface, they can control their buoyancy and propulsion easily and when they come to the surface they float because of the buoyancy control device (Jacket). You can participate in the «Experience Diving» course and tell us in advance about this particularity, so we will help you the best way we can.
Of course you can! The interior of the mask is completely dry. Even when a little amount of water enters the mask, it won’t affect your eyes because gravity keeps it low to your nose area. Yes you can use a mask having conduct lenses on.
Most of the International Diving Organizations have an age limitation at 10 years old. This is because the vital systems of the child (respiratory, circulatory etc) are not yet complete formed.
Most of the medical problems are not prohibitive factors for a shallow relaxing dive. However, there are some cases (Diabetes, Epilepsy, Heart diseases, Respiratory problems, pregnancy etc…) when it’s better to enjoy the sea in another way. Every diver has to fill up a question list before participating in any of the diving programs. If you have any health problem or particularity you must answer the related question or write your problem on the list. A doctor will examine you and I decide if you can continue on the course. An assurance from your personal doctor will also be very helpful for our decision.
Answer is similar with the previous question, however such problems are not so prohibitive.
No there are not any dangerous species here in Rhodes. There isn’t any diving accident recorded in the history of sport diving in Rhodes with a marine creature involved.
You can not dive with qualified divers because you need to have a certification card. You can continue your course in our school if you bring your progress documents and logs from your instructor. In case you have started your course in a diving organization different than SSI then you will cross-over, which means that your final certification will be an SSI. diploma.
You can use your personal gear if you fill up and undersign a related statement. Statement certifies that you accept the responsibility of the quality of your gear. We, have to remind you that we can also repair and service your equipment, as we are authorised technicians.
Going to a dive by your self is not only dangerous (you should know that already being a diver) but illegal too. (European Sport Diving Standards). Diving with your friend is ok as long as your diving certification is accepted by the local diving regulations. You must know, that we cover all the dive sites daily so why go without us? We can provide you with equipment, technical support, medical support and escort you to a dive - dives. We have so many interesting things to show you. Join our company and enjoy the beauties of underwater Rhodes?
Being a Diving Center we follow the recreational sport diving model. Sorry but we can not take you that deep. However, there are other diving clubs that do tech dives. Conduct for info.
You certainly can. You have to let us know at least 3 days earlier, let us know how many people will participate and your demands for the day (type of vessel, food – drinks, place –places etc). We will give you the best possible offer!!!
Of course! Insurance contact is a necessary document to work legally. We are contracted with DAN (Divers Alert Network) and our contract is available anytime.
H2O is a modern diving club, developed to cover the needs of all divers and snorkelers. It’s modern, flexible, informed, with high trained professional personnel and frontline certified equipment. The greatest advantage of H2O Diving Club is that we accept a small number of divers per program. We individualize our costumers, become friends and attach the program according to their expectations. This way we have the maximum attention to our students and we can provide a very high quality service. H2O Diving Club is a model Diving Facility!!!